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News from Alpin-Skiing

Dear INCO-Therapy users and therapists,

I am pleased to be able to tell you briefly about my many years of experience with the INCO-

cytoenergy device.

My field of work includes the physiotherapeutic and conditional care of

top athletes in alpine ski racing. After five years of working for the Austrian

Ski Federation, I have been able to demonstrate my skills at the Swiss Ski Federation Swiss-

Ski since May 2011.

In the winter season 2006/2007 I became aware of the company INCO.

At the beginning I approached this "new" kind of therapy very critically and I kept asking

Gerhard Polzhofer, the developer of the device again and again with "annoying" questions.

questions. After I had gained my own impression of the positive effect of the cytoene

the positive effects of the Zytoenergese®, the promised positive effects have occurred,

and since then the therapy device has been and remains a constant companion on my journeys with the companion on my journeys with top athletes.

The Zytoenergese® supports me in my physiotherapeutic work and represents for me an indispensable an indispensable addition to a modern and holistic therapy of a patient or athlete.

My personal experience shows that in acute trauma, edema subsides more quickly

pain is significantly reduced and hematomas dissolve noticeably faster. Dissolve more quickly.

Even in the case of the ski boot rim contusion (persiostreizung

at the edge of the tibia), the therapeutic success with help of Zytoenergese® is sensational.

This therapy device is not a "miracle machine", which already guarantees the 100

success for the complete range of diseases from A-Z.

However, in my opinion the Zytoenergese® can be a very good support for the classical

therapy forms a very good support for the regeneration of destroyed cell tissue.

If you have specific questions or you are interested in an exchange of experience,

you are very welcome to contact the office of the company INCO.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Polzhofer "family of developers" for their partnership over many years, for their great support and for their tireless

commitment to top-class sports.

I wish the company INCO-Zytoenergese

all the best and much success!

Martin Vallazza

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