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For us, hair means much more than just headgear.

Rather, healthy hair shows the beauty from within; Strength, sportiness and being young at heart.

Even at an advanced age, beautiful hair shows vitality, attractiveness and health.

In the interpretation and meaning of the body, hair even stands for success, freedom, power and self-determination.

The more powerless and helpless we feel when we lose our hair. And that applies to men as well as women.

Diet, stress and increasing environmental pollution affect the growth and structure of the hair

A method for your holistic well-being is now available to you:

Experience an energization even during the Zytoenergese® treatment:

  • A thorough medical history is taken.


  • The acid-base balance is checked and, if necessary, improved.


  • Hardened deposits are loosened and removed by the purification via the lymphatic system.


  • The supply of minerals to each individual cell is ensured with the help of Zytoenergese®.


A Zytoenergese® Hair-Renew treatment leads to a long-lasting balance of the energy circulation in the entire body.


Cell regeneration is stimulated and accelerated.


The lymph flow is stimulated and thereby the purification and detoxification of the body is promoted.

Blood circulation is also stimulated, so that minerals can be returned to the hair roots and hair cells.

... naturally for your hair!
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