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What is iNCO Zytoenergese®?

 i   ntensive

N  atural

C  ell

O  ptimation

Zytoenergese® is a holistic treatment system that communicates with the cells.

Zytoenergese® speaks the "language of cells"

More than 100 trillion cells, the building blocks of life in the human body, are in constant communication with one another.

This "communication" guarantees the maintenance of biological functions.


If the voltage of this body's own biological electricity increases or decreases significantly above or below the normal level, disturbances of the natural cell voltage and mostly of the entire physical-chemical body balance occur.

With the iNCO Zytoenergese® you "talk" to the cells you are treating.

with iNCO Zytoenergese® you "tell” the cells to:


    a) activate the existing regenerative forces,

    b) revitalise and tone slack muscles,


    c) relieve tension in the muscle tissue,


    d) inhibit inflammations and balance skin irritations.



The goal of an iNCO Zytoenergese® treatment is a holistic treatment. The electrobiological dynamics of the cells are crucial for the optimal distribution of vital nutrients such as minerals, trace elements, electrolytes and enzymes in the extra- and intracellular fluid.

Therefore, an iNCO Zytoenergese® treatment leads to an intensive, long-lasting balancing of the energy circulation of the entire body. The bioelectrical cell energy of the body is made to flow locally reflectively or via the blood and energy pathways and energy centres. The effect is local and systemic.

The most modern measuring techniques of the last few years now make it possible to produce exactly that 

energy with which the body itself communicates, i.e. gives commands for healing or regeneration.

After just 60 seconds, the physiological effects of the Zytoenergese® treatment can be measured in the blood and energy channels of the body being treated. Some of these effects are:

Five-fold increase of the production of ATP

(ATP = adenosine triphosphate is the important means of storing and delivering energy in every cell)

Improvement in membrane transport by 30 to 40%

(which accelerates the targeted delivery of amino acids, the important building blocks of proteins)

Protein synthesis increased by over 70%

(which slows the deterioration of cells)

Stimulation of the fibroblasts

(this activates the connective tissue cells and builds collagen)

Increased production of T-lymphocytes

(which strengthen the immune system)

Activation of DNA synthesis

(which slows the aging proccess of cells)

Increased insulin formation

(which increases the oxidative degradation of carbohydrates)

Stimulation of the lymphatic system

(which promotes cleansing by lymphatic fluids and the discharge of toxins)

Improved calcium absorption

(ensures the stability of the bones and teeth)

... naturally for your health!
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