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Where can I use Zytoenergese® everywhere?


- Hair and scalp problems

- for hair regeneration

- for itchy scalp, for dandruff

- before chemical applications (such as dyeing, perming, etc.), against allergic reactions


- for a complete facelift (tightening of the eye, mouth and neck area)

- acne treatment

- couperose

- scar treatment

- Tightening of the décolleté

- Cellulite, spider veins and varicose veins

- Tummy tuck, butt lift


- for sports injuries

- as postoperative application

- for bone injuries

- for joint diseases

- for autoimmune diseases

- for tendon, ligament and muscle injuries

- to accelerate healing

- for ganglia, oedema, etc.

- For pain relief

How often must Zytoenergese® be used for hair loss/hair regrowth to see success?

Treatment rhythm:

Duration: approx. 15 minutes per treatment

15-20 treatments at intervals of approx. 2-3 days 

Follow-up treatments 1-2x per month (for lasting success of the achieved result)

Can I use Zytoenergese® before a colouring process?

Yes, especially when bleaching, the scalp may react allergically to the bleaching.

This can be prevented with the Zytoenergese®.

When can I see and feel the success of Zytoenergese®?

Already during the 1st treatment you will experience a visible and noticeable tightening of the tissue.

How often must Zytoenergese® be applied to the face or body to achieve long-lasting success?

Treatment rhythm:

Duration: approx. 30-45 minutes per treatment

10-15 treatments at intervals of approx. 3 days 

Follow-up treatments 1x per month (for long-lasting success of the achieved result)

Where can I have the Zytoenergese® done?

At our selected partners. 

Zytoenergese® can also be performed at home.

Can I also use Zytoenergese® on the face?

Yes, especially for post-operative care, skin impurities and wrinkles, couperose and rosacea and also activates and invigorates the facial muscles.

Can too many treatments be harmful?

No, Zytoenergese® is a treatment system that can also be used preventively.

Therefore it is not harmful.

Is Zytoenergese® painful?

No, the treatment is completely painless and free of unwanted side effects!

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