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Zytoenergese® is used in the following areas:
  • Facelifts

    • for a complete facelift

    • Facial revitalization

    • Day lifting

    • Tightening of the eye area

    • Tightening the mouth area

    • Tightening of the neck area

    • Acne treatment

    • Couperose

  • Body forming

    • Scar treatment

    • Tightening of the cleavage

    • Hands tightening

    • Cellulite

    • Spider veins and varicose veins

    • Tummy tuck

    • Mail consolidation

    • Breast lift

Treatment rhythm:


Duration : approx. 20-60 minutes per treatment

15-25 treatments approx. 3 days apart

Follow-up treatments 1-2 times a month (for the long-term success of the result achieved)


The treatment is completely painless and free of unwanted side effects!

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