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An evaluation - another success story!

Another young man (20 years old) with severe androgenetic hair loss. It is particularly important to note that his father and one of his older brothers have exactly the same hair loss. Here the question arose whether this is not genetic and therefore cannot be remedied.

Nevertheless, we started the treatments (twice a week) in mid-November. We decided to start with 20 applications.

After the second treatment, the customer already had the feeling that they needed more shampoo than usual.

With the fourth application, the test person found that there was not so much hair left in the sink lying and almost no hair came out even when drying.

During the ninth treatment, the customer noticed that the hair was growing back and that it was dark. The sebum production had also improved significantly. Before the Zytoenerges® treatments, he had to wash his hair every day - in bad times even twice a day.

After the tenth treatment (mid-December) a photo trichogram was made, with a sensationally good result (see illustration; the name was covered).


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