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Chronic illnesses

Report - Treatment with Zytoenergese® from INCO

Treated person:

- Female

- 48 years old

Treated areas:

Left knee:

- Consistent complaints for two years

- Last diagnosis on September 20, 2011: Grade 1 to 11 degeneration in the inner miniscus

Left hand:

- Skin rash on the surface of the left hand

Treatments BEFORE Zytoenergese® by INCO:


- Physiotherapy for several months

- current therapy

- ultrasound therapy

- water therapy

- Multiple injections or medication treatment

Result of the various therapies listed above:

No noticeable improvement. The complaints could not be eliminated but increased over time. The attending physicians no longer agreed on how to proceed. Surgery was suggested as a final solution.

Treatment WITH Zytoenergese® from INCO:

Treatment of the knee:

Treatment scope:

- 10 therapies "pain and healing therapy"

- 10 therapies "IEPS - INCO energy point stimulation"

Experience report:

At the beginning of the treatment, my pain was classified as level 8 using a table. I was treated with Zytoenergese® from INCO three times a week and already after the third treatment I could feel the first significant improvements. The pain decreased from week to week and I was able to put more and more weight on my knee without any symptoms. At the end of the treatment, the pain table only showed a value of 1. The treatment was very pleasant and effective and I am glad I did this type of therapy.

Treatment of the hand:

Treatment scope:

- 10 therapies "energy balance"

Experience report:

A rash has developed on the surface of the left hand over the years. According to various doctors, this is bacterial and cannot be treated effectively. Due to the regular treatments with Zytoenergese® from INCO, however, the rash has clearly receded and is now almost invisible. A clear improvement or healing can be seen. In this case, too, the treatment was very pleasant and I am very happy to have tried it.


In summary, I can say that the treatment with Zytoenergese® from INCO helped me a lot and I am now convinced of it. I would like to use it again or recommend it to others in the future if necessary.

V. Racic

Juni 2018

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