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Muskelfaserriss des m. biceps femoris

Bode Miller:

Here you can see it again; even one of the best skiers of all time trusts the iNCO - Zytoenergese® - treatment method. Within a week, Bode was able to train pain-free again. In Sölden at the start of the season on October 27, 2007, the jack-of-all-trades achieved 17th place in the 1st round and took an excellent 5th place in the 2nd round.

US ski star Bode Miller also celebrated his 30th birthday on October 12th. The idiosyncratic ski racer does this with particular pleasure. After eleven years, he has largely given up training with the US ski association and will in future be the head of his "Bode Team America". With the help of his uncle (pictured) Mike Kenney, his trainer John McBride and the Zytoenergese®, Bode is certainly well equipped for this season.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Bode and his team all the best.


But not only Bode Miller, also the likeable German young driver Felix Neureuther (here with his colleagues from the World Cup) trusts the iNCO - Zytoenergese® to be able to start this season in good shape.

Felix had his knee and shoulder problems under control immediately.

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