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Fracture of the 2nd metacarpal bone on the right

A1 Bregenz - Mario Obad

36:29 against Casarano is the ticket into the Champions League

Mario Obad made a strong performance on his comeback. From the 11th minute, Mario Obad was used for the first time in a competitive game - and it immediately demonstrated how valuable it is for A1 Bregenz. By the half-time whistle he was able to score 5 times (4 hits in a row) – he scored a total of 7 hits - and was thus instrumental in turning the game around. Actually, the legionnaire should have his cast from Dr. Hartl (LKH Bregenz) removed on September 12, 2007. Thanks to the iNCO-Zytoenergese® treatment method, the plaster was removed from the sympathetic athlete on August 27, 2007. The recovery time was around three weeks instead of the prescribed six weeks.

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